Amplified Vol. 2

A Message from The Elbow

When we released the first volume of Amplified in 2014, we had no idea who was even listening. All we knew was that Jacksonville is home to some of the most talented, hardest working, and creative musicians on the planet. For too long, people overlooked the quality of our original music scene, which is why we wanted to shine a spotlight on the city's unique talents.

Our goal has always been to enthusiastically promote these amazing people, and we're honored to once again showcase some of them on Amplified Vol. 2. Our only regret is that we can't feature each and every one of Jacksonville's deserving musicians.

Thank you for being an active supporter of our thriving local arts.

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Eu  Amplified Vol 2 The-W-Studio-121  hourglass

Disc 1 - Modulations

Inspection 12 - Allen & Anna Write
ND 20/20 - Purple Pupils
Mason - Not The Clouds
DrazaH Backwards - Night Owl
The Little Books - Louis Armstrong
Lady Daisy (ft. George Clinton) - Get Got
Insel - Heavy
Blaza Duval (ft. Corbett) - Never Come Down
Palm Trees & Power Lines - Can’t Even
Le Orchid - Secret Chord
Tambor - Cauliflower
Grammar Tree - Bigfoot
TOMBOi - Surrender
Land of La Bora - The What If
Carl Swaygan - Oscar Wilde
Trap J “The 108 Great” - Love Living Life
Kudos the Kid - Handprints in the Pavement
Some Dude - 2 My Lover
Wunderlogik - Switch
Royal Francis - Money Train


Disc 2 - Vibrations

Mere Woodard - Wild Heart
Grandpa’s Cough Medicine - Midnight Coker
Strangerwolf - Torch
Katie Grace Helow - Left For Dead
JacksonVegas - Within Your Skin
Canary in the Coalmine - Man I Wanna Kill
Split Tone - KY
Billy & Bella - La Jolla
Whetherman - Ghosts in the Water
Tom Bennett Band - Creepy People
Dovetonsil - 1971
Crashmir - Just Who You Are
Monarch Mtn - My Favorite Colors
JAHMEN - Test the System
Rachael Warfield - California Time
Brady Clampitt - Nobody
Lowrcase g - Bother Me
GFM - Darkness
The Hereafter - Glass Ghost
In Whispers - Supernova